Contact Lenses

contact lensIf there has ever been a time when you have thought "I wish I could see without my glasses" then contact lenses could be the answer for you. – Whether it is for playing sport, social occasions or full time wear, you might be surprised at the variety of choices, even if you have a more complicated prescription.

Contact lenses are now easier to wear then ever before and very affordable, so don’t let the chance to go ‘glasses free’ pass you by; – whether it is for one day only (wedding day comes to mind) or a permanent part of your life, then contact us to discuss your options.

Perhaps you would like a free, no obligation chat with us to just talk over those options based on your needs and your current glasses prescription?

It might be daily or monthly disposable soft lenses, or even gas permeable lenses for really complex vision problems and conditions such as keratoconus, but we will guide you through how contact lenses can fit into your life, – and make it more enjoyable.

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